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My style is Fire Heart Yoga for Everyone. Learning Yoga with me will bring happiness and fire to your heart. It is an exploration of your masculine and feminine energy in each movement

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What is Fire Heart Yoga?

My style is Fire Heart Yoga for Everyone. It is a transformational life practice to learn wisdom in movement and get to know your power. Do not expect to come to my class and stand on your head, do expect to turn your life around! You will learn about being more flexible both in the mat and outside the mat. In each class, you become more comfortable with being uncomfortable and you learn about the power hidden in your heart. This is the fire you need to act, talk, think and feel in congruence with who you really are.

By the first week, you will feel the peace of mind that comes from learning how to silence the mental noise and just come back to your breathing. In my classes, your breathing is your music and you develop a new rhythm to approach life. Yoga is where I come to make peace with my inner war and if you allow me, I will be your portal keeper each time we meet for you to do the same.

By the first class, you will feel happiness and fire in your heart. The happiness comes from observing a new side of you that is just being born with each movement you conquer. The fire is turned on when your passion for life increases, as you become more observant of all the abundance surrounding you.

80mnt Transformational Yoga Class that will bring Fire and Happiness to your life. Get to know your power to create and destroy. Breathing and Heling Energy Meditation.

Yoga Fire Heart:

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Fire Heart Yoga is an exploration of your masculine and feminine energy in each movement because you will need to make peace with your strength and allow your creativity to guide you further into a practice unique to your body flexibility. Compassion will be your GPS in my class.

In the darkest of the nights of my soul, understanding how to experience Yoga more than doing Yoga, allowed me to drag myself out of the darkness of losing a life growing inside of me and it made me hold on to life just a little longer until the Sun could shine again in my heart. I learned to trust myself a little bit more until I know only to trust myself with courage.

In Hatha the Moon and the Sun unite to create us as beings of light and darkness. In a Fire Heart Yoga class with me, you will explore the emotions, memories, and messages that arrive while doing controlled movements at slow speed for a prolonged time. In each asana (pose) we pay attention to the breath and then prepare to enter a Healing Energy Meditation practice.

During the class, you will hear the silence of the space, the noises of outdoor nature, the vibrations of real life and the rhythm of your breath. I will share some short stories about the asanas or life. You will share your own findings each week.


Do you have enough energy, love, passion and abundance to pay for the price of the Fiesta?


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