Radiant Expansion

Beyond Reiki, become an energy healer in real life and free yourself of your old self-definitions and learn how to use your energy to reclaim your true size in life

What is Reiki Radiant Expansion?

Radiant Expansion healing arts is the result of a decade of learning and applying to develop my own expression of transformational energy healing: Radiant Expansion. As a Reiki Master and Pranic Healer, the base for this class is my own experience with these modalities. In a first level increase your energy flow to start seeing a physical and emotional transformation in life. And on the second level, you are multiplied by 4 in energy, allowing your energy flow to be sufficient to work with others in a safe and self-guided practice. Your life and vision of what is all that surrounds you will radically be transform into a clear definition of life. To be present in the experience of life is now your new goal in life.

Radiant Expansion Healing allows your energy to flow and speeds up the natural healing process of human beings. When you receive it, you reconnect with the source of energy in Life. With repetition, you begin to heal at all levels of your being: emotional, physical, mental and energetical. Healing is finding peace in the middle of any chaos to allow more and resist less.

Radiant Expansion is mostly based on Reiki principles and uses vital energy flow as its main tool: Chi, Ki, Prana, and source of spiritual energy. The difference is that we work more on how confident you feel about your own power to heal and transform your life and those of others. It is in gaining confidence in your own findings during the attunement and practice, that the healing increases in frequency and results are faster and easier to access.

The fields of the mind, body, emotions, and energy are synchronized to vibrate at a higher frequency and this transforms your life. The Radiant Expansion healing arts is a skill that needs practice and commitment. The energy flow is an intelligent healing energy that will always go exactly where you need it to start healing and cannot be manipulated. To manipulate is to limit the infinite power of universal energy.

Since we are working with an energy field synchronization and the connection is made by intention and using the energy network that connects us all, you can receive Radiant Expansion Healing in person or remotely with the same powerful results. The energy moves where the focus is and as a Radiant Expansion Healing Master, I transcend the limits of time and space to channel energy at a distance. We will be always synchronizing our frequency with each other in the class and followup calls. I am a channel and not the source of energy itself.

The Radiant Expansion Healing class includes:

  • 3 hours Mini Retreat in-person or online
  • Class Manual
  • 21 Day Practical Guide (digital versions)
  • Certificate of Level 1 or 2
  • 1 follow-up call (within a period of no more than two months)
  • *It can be an individual or group retreat.

How your life feels after receiving a Level 1 and 2 Attunement Class of Radiant Expansion Healing?

Living in Radiant Expansion is knowing how your darkness will move you to your light. To understand you are your own healer and I am just a guiding light for you to remember who you really are, is living in Radiant Expansion.

For you and me, to experience life with open eyes and a light heart is to live in Radiant Expansion. For me, to heal your words while healing my stories in life is to teach Radiant Expansion, when we open the eyes of our heart and hear the words spoken in energy, we remember the divine language of Radiant Expansion.

And when you go through dark times and know with certainty it is all part of our learning journey, it makes us free from the dead weight of trauma, pain, and fear. When we move in life with certainty, our courage becomes our wisdom in a life lived with pure, honest and constant Radiant Expansion.


Do you have enough energy, love, passion and abundance to pay for the price of the Fiesta?


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