Master of Sabotage

What part of you is really showing up in your life? Who is in charge of your decisions? What is your true wanting? Let’s reclaim the control of your life. Here is where you find your true voice.

What is Master of Sabotage?


Who is really showing up in your life? How do you choose to slow down or speed up manifestations? Healing and updating your self-definition will bring forward your true powerful voice in life.
Master of Sabotage

Heal the interruptions and show up in life as your most updated version of yourself.

Learn to control the speed of your manifestations by understanding what part of you is really manifesting in your mind, heart, and spirit. Make peace with your pieces and stop feeling broken or confused. I will bring your true voice in life forward, so you can hear it loud and clear.

I will guide you in a 3 hrs retreat to reveal your true voice in life. As a result, you will observe what parts of you are really showing up in each moment of your life. Who are you when you interrupt the speed of your life. What age in your mind do you have, what version of yourself is creating and what healing is needed to transform all that confusion into your true voice in life, It is a filtering process to know more about your archetypes.

Some days you feel inspired and flowing with the current of the Cosmos in your favor. All is open and conspiring to provide solutions, answers, and opportunities. Other days you know deep inside the interruption is serving a purpose in your day, to slow down or make a change happen faster. You might be feeling lost, as I was once and many other times. I started believing the magical illusion of who I thought was Carolina. While creating this technique to sabotage your own sabotage, I had to first identify, heal, and release my outdated versions of Carolina. We all need to allow a little of us to die, so all of our divine expression can be born.

Master of Sabotage includes:

3 hours Mini Retreat in-person or online and experience the freedom of using your true voice in life. Allowing yourself to Release Trauma and outdated self-definitions. Experience your unique combination of Healing Energy, Yoga & NLP.

Are you ready?


You can do it too by learning how to expand the reach of your true voice and connect it to your radiant truth. If you are feeling disconnected, this is the door for you.

The clarity and compassion you will gain will make your life move in a free flow of manifestations. Your life will no longer be interrupted by you not being clear on who you really are and what is it that you are really wanting.

Remember that healing your manifestation speed in life is a personal choice. This retreat is not focused on curing, because healing is just deciding to be free and being whole, complete, together again with your unique truth. That unique truth is your Radiant Expansion and accessing it will allow you to create a Revolution in your life. Whatever is not flowing organically now, will fall into a healthy and abundant rhythm again.


Do you have enough energy, love, passion and abundance to pay for the price of the Fiesta?


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