Life is a fiesta and you are invited!

Arrive to a feast of abundance and prosperity!

Size matters!
Upgrade your True Self!

Your wanting will be served in portions congruent with the size of your True Self!

To receive abundantly upgrade the size of your true self by increasing your:

  • Wanting

  • Resilience

  • Capacity to receive

“I am Carolina and I am a Life Transformation Speaker. My Caribbean Zest is present in all my life work. My fun upbeat style has a profound message easy to digest. The healing words I share will remind you that you are invited to the Fiesta of Life. Show up! Come to reclaim the true size of your portions in the feast of abundance and prosperity. Dare to live a life in Radiant Expansion!”

– Carolina Pérez


I am the Master at creating Radiant Expansion in life because I have done it myself. I got really clear about my wanting and took small steps to create a life I love living now.

How I did it? I synchronized my vibration with my wantings by:

  • Getting my priorities in order;

  • Acting congruently with my vision;

  • Becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable in my transition periods;

  • Surrendering to allow the Universe to provide a better version of my wanting.

I will guide you into the process of updating yourself so you can get abundance faster and easier. The key is daring to live life in Radiant Expansion.

“We ALL can get what we want faster and easier if we vibrate at the same frequency of our wanting “

What is your wanting?

  • Abundance of love, prosperity, health, spirituality or safety 
  • Freedom to choose and have more options
  • Happiness living a life congruent with who you really are
  • Courage to detach from regrets and allow your true self to express

I am the Master at creating Radiant Expansion in life because:

  • I wanted to be free, and so I did. Got out of an abusive relationship for both him and me, one small decision at a time.
  • I wanted to find real love again, and so I did. Healed my broken heart and made enough space in my life to welcome him after divorce.
  • I wanted to heal my chronic pain and anxiety, and so I did. I searched and got the support of life coaches, healers, and teachers that spoke my language, so I could understand how to heal faster and easier. I was able to get free of painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs and get certified in every technique that helped me achieve my goals.
  • I wanted to create abundance out of nothing, and so I did. Made really hard decisions and took decisions that had enough flexibility to face mistakes along the way. I built a new life at 40 years old (I am 43 now), and all while moving to a new state. As an individual, I had to take the lead to make decisions and as a family, we had to all pull from the same side of the rope to win.
  • I wanted to have more options to choose in life, and so I did. I had to create those options by building a new prosperous business against the energy of all the naysayers. We as a family did it, while also building our credit score and savings from $0, to buying a new house that has already increased in value in just 1 year.
  • I wanted to be happy, really happy, and so I am. I have designed a life full of things and people that push me closer to my happiness and health, so I am very happy even on rough days.

Why can you trust me with your own Self Radiant Expansion?

What I did, you can do too. I experienced a radical transformation in my health, spirituality and emotional well-being because I knew that my mission was congruent with my passion to guide others to find what they wanted faster and easier. All my energy went into research, studies, training, and certifications to become a Master Teacher of a technique that worked for me. Then Universe invited me to dare to tell others how I adjusted these techniques to real life while developing my own healing technique, Radiant Expansion.

When you read my story about how “I did” all of this, you must know that I was never alone. Every step of the way and still today, I have powerful Mentors, Teachers, and Coaches that help me to expand a little more every day. I am a confident Teacher and a proud Student always. Most importantly, in every step of the way, I was guided and protected by a Devine Power that made me feel I was never ever alone in my “and so I did” expressions. Each of those phrases are just a manifestation of how much I had to feel as one with the Source, as if all that I wanted was already one with my life. My teachings are the divine expression of that Source expressing itself through me. Would you love living at that frequency of love, joy, and power?

Radiant Expansion is a healing technique expressed in 3 manifestations:

Body: Increase self-confidence, power, and flexibility through Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & Energy Healing Meditation.

Mind: 3 Master Mind Programs: 1- free yourself from anxiety, fear, or sadness 2- master your self-sabotage by finding your true voice 3- Life & Energy Coaching to get what you want faster and easier

Energy: Energy Healing class. Reiki Level 1 & 2 attunements based on Reiki Principles. Includes a Manual, 21 Day Practical Guide and Certificate.

So, I ask you again, are you ready to upgrade your True Self to reclaim a portion of abundance congruent with your size?

Yoga Fire Heart

My style is Fire Heart Yoga for Everyone. Learning Yoga with me will bring happiness and fire to your heart. It is an exploration of your masculine and feminine energy in each movement

Auto-Expansion Guide

To purchase my new book, Self Radiant Expansion with its online class, click HERE

Monthly Coaching Energy Budget

Learn to design energy budgets to access more health, love, passion and abundance in your life with a monthly program that combines several methods of success

Master of Sabotage

Who is really showing up in your life? How do you choose to heal? Release the anchors from your past and we will co-create and upgrade your definition of self and your life’s purpose

Reiki Radiant Expansion

Beyond Reiki, become an energy healer in real life and free yourself of your old self-definitions and learn how to use your energy to reclaim your true size in life

Call your Spirit back

I will guide you on a deep search to reveal your true colors in life. Some things will have a solution, others a resolution and many others  will be finally released so you can focus your energy

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Make your True Self match the size of your: desires, resilience, and capacity to receive through the power of Healing Words, Energy, Yoga, Meditation, and the Chakra System. Learn how to talk to yourself into having a life full of peace, health, energy, and prosperity. (ONLY IN ENGLISH. SPANISH VERSION COMING SOON)

*Books will be sent by last week of July 2018. You will receive an email with more details about the online course starting date in July 2018 and access details. 

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