Energy Budgets

Learn how to design energy budgets to access more health, love, passion, prosperity and abundance in your life with a monthly program that combines several methods of success

What is the monthly coaching of Energy Budgets?

This is a Monthly Life & Energy Coaching Program. Every 4 weeks you are free to continue or not. I love having that freedom myself, and I want you to enjoy it too.

You enter this program to:

  • Change your perspective in life
  • Reclaim a new self-image
  • Increase your capacity to receive abundance and prosperity

Energy Budgets for accessing abundance in health, love, passion, and prosperity. Auditing your energy investments in life will allow you to create a return on investment from your actions, thoughts and words. You will learn how to identify the risks, strengths, and opportunities for improvement in your life. This is a monthly program including 3 sessions that allow you to update your conversation with life. We will create an appraisal of your energy investments in life to understand the adequacy and effectiveness of your internal controls.

In the rhythm of these 3 sessions you will be able to update the internal conversation between your knowing in your heart and your self-imposed mental limits to manifest the vision that scares you because is as big as you know you can be. We will lower the noise of emotions to learn the art of negotiating in life. Your goal is to grow your energy budgets, so you have enough to manifest real abundance in health, love, passion, and prosperity.

I will invite you in every session to work on your self-development and that could include releasing some of the dead weight that causes you to burn more energy than you have in your daily budgets. Allowing this things, persons, situations and emotions to be disempowered by retrieving your energy investment, will free that amount to be invested in manifesting what you really are wanting in life.

When I started teaching healing and guiding coaching protocols, my obsession was with teaching you the techniques. Now I understood how powerful it is to guide you into appraisals concerning the adequacy and effectiveness of your internal controls. In the process, you become more powerful because your energy is invested in creating and manifesting the abundance you want.

I must confess that the secret sauce to creating Energy Budgets is reaching your 3rd session every month, ready to shift your vision about life’s meaning to you. Every month we close by updating your views on life and what makes you really happy, because that is what creates a higher vibration in your life. When you vibrate at this new rhythm, your spiritual life moves from one zip code to a new one, because its size has been updated according to your new capacity to digest life itself.

When you decide to invest in your growth, you create a new mental state that allows you to access faster and easier the abundance you are meant to have in life. My goal as your Energy Coach is to show you how to repeat and adjust these teachings in as many elements of your life. My mission in life is to free you into becoming your own Healer of Words. This transfers you to s Mental Radio Station where you only hear about the infinite possibilities in life and life is just the path of exploring these possibilities.


Do you have enough energy, love, passion and abundance to pay for the price of the Fiesta?


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