Call your Spirit Back

Gain radical confidence and irreverent certainty to take the next steps in your life. You will finally release energy anchors; disempower anxiety and heal depression. Be free to create a bright shining present, here and now!

What is Call Your Spirit Back?

Get clear on your state of mind, gain confidence based on who you are now and feel really certain about what are the next steps you must take to bring abundance into your life. We will explore the energy anchors that are draining your life. Most of what we will find is rigt now hidden inside your unconscious mind.

As an Energy Coach, I will open portals in your timeline to access that image, inner conversation or emotion that is silently present in your decision making. You will learn how to call back your spirit from your past or future. By calling your spirit back home (the present) you release your energy flow to create without being held back by your anchors to the past or future.  

A confident spirit does not harm itself or others, it is in full expression of the power of creation. Therefore a spirit in full ownership of its energy is infinite in capacity, possibilities and abundance.

You will learn how to heal the energy wounds, release yourself from the source of pain and jump back into your true identity in life.  It is time to start living and stop just surviving. You will experience powerful techniques that include my unique fun and effective approach to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Trauma Release, Yoga, Meditation, Visualization, Reiki, and Pranic Healing. This is all infused with the Radiant Expansion Frequency. As an Energy Coach I will guide you and teach you how to repeat what you learn with me in real life.

When you find your confidence, it allows you to connect better with your intuition. And that is when you connect your body, mind, spirit and energy to the Universal Wi-Fi of infinite wisdom.

By releasing your spirit from reliving the anxiety and depression, you are becoming certain of your power to act in radical confidence and irreverent certainty. You will change into a new “mental radio station” full of powerful healing words, that we will plant together as seeds of light to bloom in your future as fruits of abundance. You will start acting from your heart and that will inspire others to dare to do the same.

Get started right now!

True voice and life purpose look different for every one of us. Finding the power to use your power will make you free to become the full version of who you are meant to be.

“True voice and life purpose looks different for every one of us. Finding the power to use your power will make you free to become the full version of who you are meant to be.”- Carolina Pérez

In this retreate you will experience both in person and online, the power of getting comfortable with your power. This allows more prosperity to grow in your present, more peace of mind to take actions that move you closer to your goals and releases all your energy to be used into things that create a return on investment in your life.

You will experience a combination of these techniques that will be adjusted to your unique wanting at the moment of starting our retreat:

The power of words: we will co-create a Life Vision Script inspired by your Higher Self vision of what you are here to do and how to take the next steps to know how to swim in the ocean of your life. This meditation will retrain your unconscious mind to follow your Higher Self lead.

Time-Line Healing Journey- discover how forgiveness falls short to the power of healing those who caused pain in your life. Visit the anchors that are holding you back in the most hidden places of your spirit. Learn how to walk back detaching anchors that are depleting your energy constantly.

Pranayama: Learn the ancient science of controlled breathing to detox the body and mind to land back into your standing place (dharma). Repeating a combination of breathing exercises will teach you how to use them as a tool long after we end this journey together.

Fire Heart Yoga: Use specific Asanas (poses) to take actions (karma) and take conscious control of the volume and intensity in each thought and action. Using the healing fire of Yoga, you can deconstruct your emotions and become aware of your true self as an observer of life.

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming for connecting to the Universal Wi-Fi with the intention of hearing what the messages of the body and energy tell us and to learn to stop asking what we think we need.


  • Life Vision & Belief System Healing
  • The Secret to Manifesting Your Life Vision
  • Belief Change


Do you have enough energy, love, passion and abundance to pay for the price of the Fiesta?


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